Thursday, July 25, 2013

Cambodian Street Food

When traveling in Southeast Asia, a snack or a meal is never hard to find.  Food vendors who make a mean bowl of noodles, fried vegetables, dumplings, or sweets swarm the street corners and fill any available space in alleyways.  But, if the ubiquitous fried noodles or pad thai is starting to sound a bit boring, Cambodia is the perfect place to exercise your more adventurous taste buds. The streets of Phnom Penh boast a number of vendors who sell a variety of fried critters.

Enjoy a scoop of salty fried grasshoppers for a quick on-the-go snack.

For a meatier snack, try fried cockroaches.  Don’t think you can manage to gulp down a roach?  Just think of it as revenge for all those times they’ve scared you in the middle of the night in your hostel bathroom.

For a juicy crunch, try the fried larvae.

If you feel like something chicken-ish, try fried baby-sparrows (bottom), or fried bats (top).
For the Cambodian version of meat kebobs, try frog-on-a-stick.
For a slithery snack, try coiled snake.
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