Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Motorbiking Adventure Cambodia_A real exploration of Cambodia

We’ve made a real exploration Cambodia by Motorbiking – through deep sand, thick jungle and past multiple temples.

Motorbiking adventure Cambodia

Leaving Siem Reap we hit the dirt straight away as we hopped onto Cambodia’s route 66. An easy ride to start off with along some wide red dirt tracks passing through local villages and some stunning scenery full of palm trees and ride paddies.

The riding then got harder as the day went on. First, we left the wide tracks for some quite uneven ox-cart trails through the jungle – this is when the trails started to claim their first victims as our riders started to fall off in the knee deep ruts. Then we popped out of the jungle onto some wider red dirt (and very dusty!) tracks again. These had some fun little ‘woopy’ bits and we were hitting these flat out! The dust clouds suddenly got thicker and then SMASH!!

Adam got taken by surprise by a very deep ‘woopy’ bit which he hit very fast and got flung over the handlebars and tumbled along the dirt. Amazingly though he escaped this with a couple of grazed knees and bent handlebars.

Bung Mealea, Cambodia
We stopped for lunch at Bung Mealea which is the site of an ancient temple. After this, it was back on the bikes to step it up a notch once more. More tight jungle riding, and now, some deep sand. So the tumbles kept on coming. We arrived in a small village near Preah Khan temple where we be staying the night in a homestay. The guys were battered, bruised and broken, so after a few beers and chickens that had been killed and cooked for us, everyone settled for an early night.

Motorbiking Cambodia cross rivers
The next day was much the same kind of chaotic riding across varied terrain. On this day we had a fully submerged bike whilst crossing one of the many rivers, and another nasty fall which resulted in Chris having to pull out of the jungle and nurse his swollen wrists to Koh Ker on the highway with one of our guides. The rest of us battled through the jungle until we popped out on the red dirt tracks that ride into Koh Ker past multiple lost temples hidden away in the forest. We arrived at our guesthouse to find Theara and Chris applying first aid to Chris’s wounds in the form of a crate of beers (alongside the pet Meerkat which we have now named Timone).

The morning of the final day was one of changing decisions. Reno (who might I add, was previously predicted by his mates to be the slow one of the group that was supposed to fall off all the time) was keen as mustard to get back out into the jungle and fight on through back to Siem Reap, whilst the others were feeling the strain – battered, aching, and swollen wrists and ankles, they were thinking smooth tarmac might be the more sensible option. But, as me, Reno and Lar were saddling up and about to say farewell, they said ‘fuck it’, and in true Aussie style they jumped onto the bikes and came with for one final day of ‘who know’s what the fuck is going to happen to us’.

Off road

More sand meant there were more innevitable falls and our supply of clutch levers was running desperately low by this point. But sure enough, we all made it out in one piece and cruised back into Siem Reap on the tarmac – so surely if we could get through all of that crazy jungle stuff we’d be safe on the black top right? Nope, not today… as we were passing by Angkor Wat, finish line in sight, Adam managed to crash into the side of a truck, which he says cut across his path. I’m sorry to write this mate – but you were kind of on his side of the road! But again, amazingly, he escaped with no further damage to himself or the bike – one lucky son of a bitch.

To sum it up – it was a crazy days with some highs and lows – but the riding was awesome, great bunch of guys and they loved it! Well done to all you for manning up and pushing through! Bring it on!

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Phnom Penh - Kompong Thom - Kor Ker - Preah Vihear - Banteay Chmar - Siem Reap - Kratie - Mondulkiri - Phnom Penh
14-day trip with 11-day motorcycling
Motorcycling grade: Challenge


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