Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Discovering Koh Ker – Ancient Capital of Angkor Civilization

The ancient capital of Angkor under the dynasty of King Jayavarman IV is regarded as the most short-lived capital. This dynasty decided to move its capital to other region as soon as Koh Ker had been accomplished.

Kor Ker - Cambodia 1

Koh Ker belongs to Preah Viheah, 140 km from northeastern Siem Reap city. It had been built for 23 years (from 921 to 944) by Kin Jayavarman IV. The tower in the picture is Prasat Thom, which is dubbed as the pyramid of Angkor Civilization. It stands majestically among blue sky and the ancient forest.

Kor Ker - Cambodia 2

The life in Koh Ker is slow, ordinary and simple, which is truly secluded compared to other famous historical relics in Cambodia.

Kor Ker - Cambodia 3

Like other vestiges in Cambodia, Koh Ker had been hidden in steep forests over thousands of years. Splendor on each detail, architectural lines still remain although dilapidated constructions everywhere due to time and war.

Kor Ker - Cambodia 4

The corner of the ancient rampart wall is soaked with taciturnity and melancholy. Everywhere is covered blurred dust and moss. 

Kor Ker - Cambodia 5

 Travelers can feel the refined talent of people building this construction.  

Kor Ker - Cambodia 6

Space surrounding the temple is highly beautiful with ancient longstanding trees and grass land. The scenery is still and peaceful.

Kor Ker - Cambodia 7

Time, war and people destroyed one of the greatest constructions of Angkor civilization. The buildings adjacent the main temple Prasat Thom have been urgently restored and preserved. Giant boulders was piled neatly on each other that seemed to be ordered by a magic hand in a natural and gentle way. 

Kor Ker - Cambodia 8

The ruin of Koh Ker is show definitely at these adjacent buildings. Cambodian government is trying to keep one of the most unique architectural construction of their civilized history. 

Kor Ker - Cambodia 9

The romantic and sad scenery of the ancient city covers every corner of this temple site. Travelers can choose a slab of stone for self, sit, lean against back to rest, and contemplate scenes surrounding.
 Kor Ker - Cambodia 10

The old capital Koh Ker had been forgotten for a thousand of year. Archaeologists were excavated, restored and has put into visit since 2003. 

Kor Ker - Cambodia 11

From Siem Reap, travelers can go to Koh Ker by tuk tuk (a three-wheel taxi), with the travel time is about 3 hours. Siem Reap is a fantastic destination for Cambodia adventure tours, discovering Cambodian history and spirituality.
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